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Baby Food Puree for 6 months+ Babies:

During the first 6 months, you should be feeding your baby with breast milk. But after that, it’s time for you to introduce them to baby foods. Reduce the amount of milk you give them and try out various flavours of baby food purees. Babies are only born with a reserve amount of nutrients and they will be depleted soon enough to make them deficient. They will give us ample signs like showing interest in your food, increase in weight, etc, to let us know that they are ready for solid foods. It’s when you need to feed your toddlers with nutrient-rich baby organic food.

Nutritious Baby Food Purees :

As you are looking to substitute milk, the choice of your baby purees should be appropriate and the shift should be gradual. Some may instantly take a liking for fruit purees and some may like vegetable purees. After feeding them with something they like, give them some time for your baby to adapt to the new textures and flavours, and to check for any allergic reactions like diarrhoea, rash or vomiting. Once your baby is fine with the newly introduced flavour, you can introduce him gradually to some other flavours. 

Best and Safest Baby food purees: 

It’s important for you to choose the best and the safest baby food purees possible. FoodSteps baby foods are nourishing and nutritious enough to support your toddlers’ healthy growth with 100% natural and vegetarian ingredients with no GMO, sugar, gluten, colours and any artificial preservatives. They are diverse and tasty enough to make that shift easy for you and your baby! 

The FoodSteps Fruit and Vegetable Purees are packed in BPO-free pouches to make it easy for kids to eat and parents to feed. Even your toddlers can open the cap and squeeze the pouch to indulge in our nutritional range of purees. 

Organic Baby Food Puree:

Under the name of readymade, a lot of baby food brands are using preservatives, artificial flavours, sweeteners and sugars that you don’t want to feed your babies with. FoodSteps provide a wholesome and flavoursome diet of simple Banana purees, Strawberry purees, Mango purees, Carrot purees, Papaya purees and various other combinations of healthy fruit and vegetable purees with natural ingredients.

Fruit and Veggie Purees: 

When the toddlers start teething, they would want to try out different flavours of baby purees. This is the time when toddlers explore a variety of tastes and expand their palates. 

FoodSteps brings to you delicious baby food puree combos with a wide range of flavours for your toddler’s exploratory taste buds. It introduces your baby to a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other natural grains as a smooth and consistent baby organic food for easy consumption.

Ready to Eat baby food purees: 

Our fruit & veggie purees for 6 month+ baby come in small, compact and squeezable pouches. These FoodSteps baby food pouches are easy to carry while travelling, at offices, malls, even at your house, anywhere, anytime. These are easy to feed with a detachable spoon making them a perfect choice of baby food for 6 month+ babies.