Making it nutritious and delicious

Elevate your little one’s diet and sensory experience with the FoodSteps 7-in-1 Fruit and Vegetable Puree. Let your babies experience a range of grains, wholesome fruits, and vegetables in our assorted pack of baby purees. Made with love and 100% natural ingredients, this stage 3 baby food is the perfect choice for your 6+ months old baby- a choice your little one will love and you can trust.

The Brains behind the Superfoods
Mr. Phalguna Kavipurapu– Founder

Mr. Phalguna Kavipurapu , Founder of FoodSteps is a happy father of Aadya and Ivaan and a proud husband of Paediatrician Dr. Jyothirmayi MD. His journey started after Engineering by joining the family business of Sustainable Mining of Aluminous Laterite Karnataka . A unique style of mining where the barren lands are converted into agricultural fields after mining operations. This drew his attention towards agriculture and cultivation of horticultural crops like Sweetpotato in this region. He had an MoU with Indian Council of Agricultural Research – Central Tuber Crops Research Institute to beneficiate these unique and nutritionally dense vegetables. He travelled across the world to understand the processing technologies of the same.

He and his wife Dr. Jyothirmayi found their common interest in Child Nutrition, thus founded FoodSteps to cater to the needs of young kids while giving convenience and ease to the parents. They aim to make FoodSteps a name synonymous with Child Nutrition and Tasty meals for Infants, Toddler and young children.

Malthi Vakkalanka – Advisor

Malathi is a veteran in the Food R&D space, currently the Head of Product at Bobbie, and former Food Scientist and Product Manager at OLLY, Plum Organics, Kraft and USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). Malathi’s passion to solve the constant dilemma of parents to provide the best possible on the go food for babies and toddlers made her the perfect Advisor of FoodSteps.

Vishnu Bhat – ADVISOR

Vishnu Bhat has been instrumental in turning around several companies during 2000 – 2010. Prior background of Technology Management (R&D, Design, Projects, Processes, Technical Services, Innovation, and Manufacturing), in Engineering, Chemical, Agrochemical, Distilleries/Breweries, and Processed Foods sectors in reputed Indian and multinational companies. He has vast experience developing and stabilizing a variety of processed foods ranging from ice creams to aseptic products, for processes ranging from IQF to baking. Vishnu brings all this experience to the table of FoodSteps as an Advisor.