Banana, Strawberry, Oats

Delicious steps for your baby

Introduce your baby to the delicious taste and goodness of fruits, vegetables, and grains with our 7-in-1 Fruit and Vegetable Puree. Enjoy 7 different combinations of grains, wholesome fruits and vegetables in our assorted pack of baby purees. This variety pack is made using 100% natural ingredients, making this baby food the perfect choice for 6 month+ babies.

Mango, Carrot, Papaya

The First Healthy Step with FoodSteps

At FoodSteps, we are committed to providing wholesome nutrition with quality ingredients for babies in their developing stage. We want to assist you in your journey to developing your little one’s taste palate without the hassle of long cooking time. We want to make everyday meals fun and healthy for babies while making your lives easier! Our FoodSteps purees are made in India to ensure that only the best quality is delivered right to your doorstep in a quick and economical way.


Purple Sweet Potato, Banana, Dates

Superfoods for Superbabies

Let your baby explore unique textures and flavoursome combinations with FoodSteps Purees. Introduce your infant or toddler to the goodness of superfoods, add the mix of fruits, vegetables, and grains to their diet with our flavourful and healthy purees, made using natural ingredients.

Apple, Carrot, Ragi

Made with love

Made using 100% natural and vegetarian ingredients, our purees are non-GMO, with no added sugar, gluten, colours, and artificial preservatives. Our range of FoodSteps Baby Purees come with the nutritional goodness of banana, apple, ragi, pumpkin, mango, strawberry, purple and orange sweet potato, dates, papaya, spinach, pea, carrot, and oats.


Orange Sweet Potato, Apple, Ragi

Yummy & Travel Friendly

Packed in small and compact pouches, these fruit and vegetable purees are super easy to carry while travelling. Airport, car, mall, or even your house, this ready to eat and feed purees will make your lives easier while making sure that your children are eating healthy.

Apple, Spinach, Pea

Flavours that enhance taste buds

FoodSteps brings to you delicious purees with a range of flavours for your toddler’s exploratory taste buds. It introduces your baby to simple balances of fresh fruits, veggies, and grains in a smooth, consistent puree that does not clump for easy consumption.


Banana, Pumpkin

Goodbye messy meal times!

With our ready to eat food BPA free pouches, all you have to do is twist open the cap and squeeze the pouch for your little one to enjoy the amazing purees. The attached spoon allows your infants to eat straight from the pouch without any spills, making lives easier for busy parents. Easily re-cap the pouch after use and refrigerate to keep the puree fresh for a day.